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tours by russian ships. does it, cold war? secretary john kerry said yesterday, "this is not rocky iv ." don't you love that face? seriously, that seems to be the international response. >> this is something everyone was very concerned about in terms of the russian speaking population. it was part of russia until about 1954 come of the soviet union. and the concern is with ninkovich on, where will you have the russian speaking population feeling under siege? --you mentioned, we want to they are saying they want to rejoin russia. were talking over the break about the sphere of influence that russia is trying to protect. and that has been a long-term story. there was an interesting claim about syria. >> this goes back to international relations. are we trying to redo the soviet bloc? simple as putin wanting a russian bloc? look at what has happened with the expansion of nato, they very much believe there is a western effort and a nato-led effort to break apart its sphere of influence. >> can i ask a dumb question? why is no oil moved? >> there is really no oil in the story. many are con
, there was no shortage of rhetoric from our side. john kerry arrived in kiev earlier today where he met with ukrainian leaders and held a news conference. >> the united states reconfirms our commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity will stop according to -- integrity. according to international law. we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression and we have throughout this moment evidence of a great transformation taking place. and in that transformation, we will stand with the people of ukraine. today, ukrainians are demanding a government with the consent of the people. and i have to say that we all greatly admire the restraint the transitional government has shown as it makes this transition. they have shown restraint. despite an invasion of ukrainian homeland and a russian government that has chosen aggression and intimidation as a first resort. the contrast really could not be clearer. determined ukrainians demonstrating strength through unity and the russian government out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, and provocations. in the hearts of
. >> secretary of state, john kerry, threatening future economic sanctions. president obama warning against possible costs. the u.s. must have some sort of leverage over russia. >> we are talking about economic sanctions. but theren option, are so many self-inflicted wounds as well. wille, for instance, it hurt the europeans as well. >> of course europe has 30% of the natural gas coming from russia. any other possible sanctions on the table? at asset visas. russia is a really big economy. it is not like the other countries that have been effectively targeted. from an analytics perspective, very little reason to believe that the sanctions strategy will work. >> not much leverage from the u.s. or europe, really, but there is a lot of ukrainian debt owed to russian banks. >> know, first of all, this is absolutely after chechnya the most important national interest that russia has. nothing that the west short of a military conflict that would have them even considering moving out of crimea. that is the first point. the second is that the european are not going to support that kind of behavior.
. >> it is more of the same in paris, where the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, is meeting with his russian counterpart. on top of crimea, the obama administration along with the european union is holding over russia the threat of economic sanctions. >> if russia does not choose to de-escalate, if they are not willing to work to record with the government of the ukraine as we hope they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to to join us, to continue to expand upon the steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> a huge factor in this conflict as well, russia supplies the fuel to both the european union, meaning it is one more weapon that russia can use. >> on independence square, the speaker calls on men in the crowd to sign up for the ukrainian army to take on russian forces in crimea. the expectation here is that the next front may not involve troops at all. ukraine relies on russia for most of its energy, using most of that natural gas to fuel their industry and heat homes. the fear is that that re
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)